German Army Shirt (Mouse-Grey version)


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  • German Army Shirt (Mouse-Grey version) Obverse

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The shirt worn by the members of the Heer was introduced on April 1, 1933. It was initially white, with long shirt tails, and went down to mid-thigh length. The shirt has long sleeves and no collars, but was worn with a neck band. It was intended as an undergarment only.

The shirt was soon modified, since shirts had to be wearable without the tunic. Two versions were introduced, a mouse-grey one and a field-grey one.
The mouse-grey version is knitted and has no breast pockets. It comes with an attached collar.
The field-grey version however was made of cotton and has two breast pockets with buttoned down flaps, as well as an attached collar.
Both versions have buttons on the cuffs and four buttons down the front.

A reed-green version was introduced in 1941. It was made of a cotton and rayon blend. The shirt has a lay-down collar. It initially had no pockets, but in 1942 two breast pockets were introduced. These came with or without pleats and had buttoned flaps.

Another version was introduced on June 23, 1943 with the grey-green shirt. It has a collar, two breast pockets without pleats and with straight buttoned flaps. There was no neck band necessary for wearing this shirt.

The Tropical version is similar to the field-grey shirt, except that it is tan or sand-coloured.

The Panzer version is similar to the mouse-grey shirt, except that it is dark grey. It was later modified in the style of the grey-green shirt, except for keeping its dark grey colour.


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