Sniper Badge, II Class


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  • Sniper Badge, II Class Obverse
  • Sniper Badge, II Class Reverse

Estimated market value:

$2000 USD


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    Wool/Embroidered/Aluminum Bullion Wire
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Physical Description and Item Details

(Scharfschützenabzeichen). Instituted 20.8.1944. (1957 Issue). Constructed of a field-grey wool background with multi-coloured machine embroidery, obverse depicts a black eagle’s head rising out of oak leaves with a single acorn, within a twisted silver aluminum bullion wire thread oval, measuring 59 mm (w) x 73 mm (h), in unissued and mint condition.


The Sniper Insignia was instituted by Adolf Hitler on August 22, 1944, to reward snipers for exceptional marksmanship and skill with a rifle. The badge was issued in three grades, I Class, II Class, and III Class. The I Class is piped with gold cord, the II Class is piped with silver cord, and the II Class is not piped.

Originally, only army snipers were eligible to receive the award, but in December 1944, the award criterion was expanded to include all military personnel.

The number of kills was counted from September 1st, 1944, and every kill had to be confirmed and reported to the sniper’s unit.

The II Class was awarded for at least 40 kills.


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