War Merit Cross, I Class


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  • War Merit Cross, I Class Obverse
  • War Merit Cross, I Class Reverse

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    Obv: EA 1914
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Physical Description and Item Details

A cross pattée constructed of bronze. The obverse centre bears the cipher "EA", the 12 o’clock arm bears a crown, the 9 and 3 o’clock arms bear sprigs of oak leaves, and the 6 o’clock arm bears the date “1914”. The reverse bears a vertical pinback.


The War Merit Cross was established by Duke Ernst August on October 23, 1914. The cross was conferred upon military personnel, regardless of rank, who distinguished themselves in battle.

To be eligible for the I Class, an individual had to repeatedly distinguish themselves in war and had to have already received the II Class.

Originally, only natives of Brunswick who had received the Prussian Iron Cross or an equivalent Bavarian decoration were eligible to receive the cross. Eventually, soldiers who served in Brunswick’s units, but were not natives of Brunswick, became eligible to receive the award.

In November 1915, the War Merit Cross for Non-Combatants was introduced. It was conferred on a ribbon with colouring that differed from that of the ribbon for frontline combat.

Originally, the decoration consisted of only one grade, but in 1918 it was extended to include a I Class Cross (with a pinback) and a II Class Cross.


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