Bravery in Finnish Waters, Silver Medal


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  • Bravery in Finnish Waters, Silver Medal

Estimated market value:

$3,000 USD


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    Obv: б м екатерина іі імп исамо д всеросс Rev:за храбрость на водахь а вгуста 13 1789 года
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    This example sold by D. Markov/ The New York Sale for $3,900 in January 2012.

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Award Medal for Bravery during the Victory over Sweden in Finnish Waters. 1790. Silver. Octagonal. Bit 349 (R1) Chep 858, Diakov 221.8 (R2), Sm 316/a. Laureate head of Catherine r. in oval frame, spray below / Legend within laurel wreath: ‘ÇACËÓÆ = / ÁÓ È XPA = / ÁPOCTÜ’., legend and date below. Superb old toning with soft iridescent hues, very rare.


This medal was established during the reign of Catherine the Great to commemorate the battle against the Swedish forces outside Svenskssund, in the Gulf of Finland. The battle continued in an estuary of the River Kumen.

This medal was conferred upon sailors and petty officers for service in both battles at Svenskssund and Kumen.

The obverse inscription translates to: "By the Grace of God Catherine II Empress and Autocrat of All Russias". The reverse inscription translates to: "For Bravery in Finnish Waters 13 August 1789".


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