Medal for the Campaign into China, in Silver


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  • Campaign into China Silver Medal Obverse
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  • Campaign into China Silver Medal Reverse

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    Rev: 1900-1901
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A Imperial Russian China Boxer Rebellion Medal; Silver Grade - In Silver, obverse bears the cypher of Tsar Nicholas II, reverse dated "1900-1901" in the centre with an anchor placed upon a crossed sword and rifle below and inscribed in Russian "For the Campaign into China", 28 mm, edge nicks, light contact overall, better than very fine. Footnote: The medal was instituted on May 6, 1901 and was created to commemorate the 1900-1901 campaign involving Russian forces in China during the Boxer Rebellion. On August 13, 1911, Emperor Nicholas II issued a decree stating that individuals that had suffered wounds in action were to add a bow to the ribbon of the medal. The Silver Grade Medal was awarded to all ranks of military personnel or to civilians, who had taken active part in the campaign. The Bronze Grade Medal was presented to those who had not taken active part in the conflict, but were stationed in China or Manchuria during the campaign against the Boxer Rebels.


This medal was instituted in commemoration of the 1900-1901 campaign into China. It was conferred upon all military personnel and civilians who served in the campaign.

The obverse features the cipher of Nicholas II. The reverse translates to: "For the Campaign into China 1900-1901".


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