Naval Battle of Chesma, Silver Medal


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  • Naval Battle of Chesma, Silver Medal
  • Naval Battle of Chesma, Silver Medal
  • Naval Battle of Chesma, Silver Medal Reverse

Estimated market value:

$2200 USD


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    Obv: ь м екатерина іі імнерат исамо д е еж есероссо Rev:бьіль
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In silver, obverse illustrating the right-facing bust of Catherine II (Catherine the Great) and is engraver marked below bust, reverse illustrating the Russian fleet attacking the Turkish fleet, which is in flames, during the Battle of Chesme and inscribed in Russian ""Tchesme 1770"" below, measuring 38.7 mm (w) x 42.5 mm (h), with old ribbon, surface wear, fair.


This medal was established by Catherine the Great in commemoration of the naval battle of Chesma, which took place in 1770.

The smaller medal was awarded to sailors and soldiers who participated in the battle. The larger medal was conferred upon petty officers.

The obverse inscription translates to: "By the Grace of God Catherine II Empress and Autocrat of All Russias". The reverse inscription translates to: "I Was There in Chesma July 24 1770".


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