Saint George Cross, II Class (in gold)


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  • Saint George II Class Cross Obverse
  • Saint George II Class Cross Reverse

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$6600 USD


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    Rev: SG 2 СТЕП


This cross was established during the reign of Alexander I. It saw several revisions over its lifetime.

The original cross was a sub-class of the Military Order that was instituted by Catherine the Great. It was known as the "Insignia of Distinction of the Military Order".

It was conferred upon non-commissioned officers, soldiers, and sailors for bravery serving with the Russian Imperial Army or Navy.

The class system was introduced to bring a higher level of prestige back to the award.

After 1915 the I and II class crosses were made of lower grade gold due to material shortages.

From September 10th, 1916 all crosses were made out of yellow or white metal.

The reverse features the cipher of Saint George, and the lower arm bears an inscription, translated as "Second Class".


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