Order of Saint Andrew the First-Called, Badge (in gold)


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$40,000 USD

  • I Class Badge Obverse
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Estimated market value:

$40,000 USD


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    Saint Andrew Collar with Badge and Star: available on eMedals, in 2020 for $325,000. Value of higher-end Russian Orders varies greatly; value depends on period and quality of manufacture, maker and the provenance; as well as value of Russian currency and general economic situation in Russia. A rare award.

Physical Description and Item Details

Badge of the order, in solid Gold, consisting of a double-headed Romanov Imperial Eagle with spread wings in finely detailed black enamels and hand etched Gold detailing, obverse featuring a large blue enameled Saint Andrew’s Cross with a finely-detailed, hand-painted depiction of Saint Andrew the Apostle, complete with a Gold halo and Latin script letters “SAPR” for “SANCTUS ANDREAS PATRONUS RUSSIAE” (“SAINT ANDREW, PATRON OF RUSSIA), reverse continues the rich designs of the eagle’s feathers and presents a white enameled scroll with a black Cyrillic inscription of “ЗА ВѢРУ И ВѢРНОСТЬ” (“FOR FAITH AND LOYALTY”, reverse of the eagle’s head with loop which subsequently connects to a suspension apparatus in the form of a Gold crown with red enamels with tapering blue enameled ribbons, with loop and dual hooks for attachment to its collar, reverse is extensively marked, with the eagle’s left talon bearing Cyrillic initials “ІК” for Julius Keibel and the left talon with a Gold zolotnik mark of “56” and the symbol of the city of St. Petersburg, the left plank of the St. Andrew’s Cross displays a Romanov royal warrant while the right is marked with Cyrillic initials “ІК”, and the suspension loop similarly bears a Gold zolotnik mark of “56” and Cyrillic initials “ІК”, measuring 62.07 mm (w) x 86.75 mm (h - inclusive of suspension; 63.21 mm without), weighing 70.2 grams, with enamel loss and repair to blue ribbon, with overall moderate enamel wear, remains good/very fine.


The Order was initially designed by Peter the Great in 1698, but it was not officially instituted until 1699.

It was considered the highest Order of Chivalry in the Russian Empire, and it was awarded for acts of extraordinary military or civil merit.

Recipients of this Order were automatically conferred the Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky, the Order of the White Eagle, the Order of Saint Anne (I Class only), and the Order of Saint Stanislaus (I Class only).

Low ranking recipients automatically moved up to the position of Lieutenant General or Vice Admiral.

The statutes for the Order were created in 1720, but were never officially approved by Peter the Great. Since the Tsar controlled the production of this Order, a number of variations exist.

This Order was discontinued during the USSR, and re-instituted as the most prestigious Russian Order by the Russian Federation in 1998.

The Order awards with diamonds were a special distinction and they were added to the award at the expense of the recipient.

When not worn with the collar, the badge could be worn at the left hip, on a particular sash.

The reverse features an inscription, translated as "For Faith and Loyalty".

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