Order of Labour Glory, Type I, III Class

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    January 18, 1974
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    Monetny Dvor, Lenningrad


The Order of Labor Glory was established on January 18, 1974. This Order was conferred upon industry workers in the fields of transportation, construction, and other fields of production, kolkhozniks, agricultural labourers, and others not in the production spheres in recognition of selfless action. It was awarded to individuals only, and had three classes. The III Class was awarded first, then the II and finally the I Class. This Order presents one type of I Class, one type of II Class and two types of III Class.

An individual who was awarded all three classes was referred to as a "Cavalier" of the Order of Labor Glory, and were provided with special privileges. By January 1992, the III Class was awarded approximately 650,000 times.

The Type I, III Class was manufactured from 1974 to 1976. This decoration is very similar to the II Class, however it does not have enamel in the background area around the gear. The hammer and sickle, and wheat stalk around the gear are not gold-plated. The serial numbers range from roughly 3900-150000.

The obverse Russian inscription translates to: "Labour Glory". It also features the Russian letters for the USSR.


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    Obv: Трудовой славы CCCP

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    Monetny Dvor, Lenningrad

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