Order of the Red Banner, Type IV, Circular Medal

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  • Order of the Red Banner Circular Medal Obverse
  • Order of the Red Banner Circular Medal Obverse
  • Order of the Red Banner Circular Medal Reverse


  • country
  • date of institution
    September 7, 1928
  • makers
    Montey Dvor, Lenningrad


This Order was conferred in recognition of exceptional labour contributions to the fields of production, science, culture, literature, art education, or health care. It was awarded to USSR citizens, establishments, enterprises, organizations, autonomous and united republics, krais, oblasts, okrugs, regions, cities, and other types of population centres. It may also be awarded to foreign citizens and establishments.

This Order superseded the Red Banner of Labour awards of the individual USSR republics, although some continued to award these individual awards until 1933.

The serial numbers range from roughly 135000-202000.

The obverse Russian inscription translates to: "Workers of the World Unite!" and "USSR".


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    Obv: Пролетарии всех стран , соединяйтесь ! CCCP

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  • Maker

    Montey Dvor, Lenningrad

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