Close to Royalty Medal (Imtiaz Huzoori), in Bronze, III Class


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In Bronze, an octagonal medal with a right facing bust of Sadiq muhammad Khan V wearing robes and an Arab-style headdress, surrounded by the inscription ba-Fazlah taalah [or] toali Sadiq Mohammed Abbasi Khamis. Farman rawai mumlukat khudadad Bahawalpur, the reverse presents a palace with the inscription Imtias Huzoori. The badge is suspended from a ball suspenion at 12 o'clock.


The Close to Royalty Medal (Imtiaz Huzoori) was founded by Nawab Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan V Abbasi as an award for meritorious service provided to the government, the court, or the Nawabi household. The award may also be known as the Order of Attendant or the Distinction of Courtier and is issued in 3 Classes. There are no known statues for this decoration.

The obverse features a Persian inscription which translates to "By the Grace of God Sadiq Muhammad Abbasi V, Ruler of God Gifted Kingdom of Bahawalpur" and the reverse features a Persian inscription which translates to "Imtiaz Huzoori."

Two different styles of the reverse are known for the silver and bronze medals, suggesting a second striking, with the dies being created by different artists. One version is more crudly executed than the other.

This medal is worn on a 39mm white ribbon with green/red/green stripes, each finely bordered with a black line, set near the edge.

There may be an additional version of the Medal which varies by design.


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