Order of Haroonia (Imtiaz-I-Haroonia), III Class Commander


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  • Order of Haroonia (Imtiaz-I-Haroonia), III Class Commander

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The III Class badge is similar to the II Class badge, except for the suspension style.

An eight point star with rays, resting on a garter of gilt with star, crescent and leaf desings between the points of the star. The obverse medallion presents a red enamelled disc with the inscription "1321 Hijri Khan Abbasi Jaloos Maimanat Manoos" with a white enamelled crescent with the inscription "Imtiaz Haroonia". The reverse is plain. The badge is suspended from a loop attached at 12 o'clock on the badge.


The Order of Haroonia (Imtiaz-I-Haroonia) was founded by Nawab Muhammad Bahawal Khan V Abbasi on the attainment of his majority and investiture with full ruling powers on November 12, 1903. The Order is conferred in 5 Classes.

The III Class Commander is worn from a neck ribbon.

There has been considerable disputes regarding the colour of the ribbon for the order. Some sources state grey, while others refer to various shades of green. The time periods for the first type of ribbon is also up for debate, as some sources state 1925-1935 (supposedly aligning with the Silver Jubilee in London) and others argue 1925-1953 (supposedly aligning with the cornation in London). Neither have been confirmed.

The II Class ribbon has been identified in two issues. The first issue is 36mm, with a grey or green center with edges of golden yellow, black and red, each stripe being 3mm. The second issue is 31mm, with a green center, edged by red (3mm), white (7mm), yellow (2mm) and black (2mm).

The obverse inscription is in Persian and states "1321 Hijri Khan Abbasi Jaloos Maimanat Manoos". 1321 Hejira means 1903/04 A.D; Jaloos means accession to a throne; Manoos means Associated/intimate/friendly, and so the inscription translates to roughly: "Friendly Medal on Accession". The inscription Imtiaz Haroonia translates to "Order of Haroonia".
There may be an additional version of the Decoration which differs by the obverse inscription or design. However, additional research is necessary to confirm.

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