Order of Distinction of Satluj (Imtiaz-I-Satlej), II Class Grand Officer


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  • Order of Distinction of Satluj (Imtiaz-I-Satlej), II Class Grand Officer

Estimated market value:

$3000 USD


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    Silver/Silver gilt/Enamelled
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    This image is attributed to Morton & Eden Ltd., Lot Number 846, Catalogue 77, December 15 2015.

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The obverse center presents a representation of a palace in silver gilt, with a white enamel border with three gilt stars on each side; the medallion is surrounded by a green enamel wreath with seven five-petalled white enamel flowers on the right side and five different white enamelled flowers on the left side (possibly cotton blossoms); a silver gilt star and crescent moon are superimposed at the top of the wreath, with an open book, sabre and quill pen at the base (6 o'clock); reverse plain.


The Order of Distinction of Satluj (Imtiaz-I-Satlej) was instituted by Nawab (Viceroy) Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan V, Abbasi, between 1920 and 1930 as the premier Order of Bahawalpur. The Order is conferred in 5 Classes.

The II Class Grand Officer is worn from a neck ribbon and with a Breast Star. It is believed to be on a worn on a dusky pink ribbon with olive green edges and two thin olive green stripes on each side of the centre.

The obverse features an Urdu inscription which translates to "Order of Satluj."

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