Rajyaratna/Data Medal, III Class Danaphya, in Bronze (with Sayaji Rao effigy)


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    Rajyaratna/Data Medal, III Class Danaphya, in Bronze (with Sayaji Rao effigy) is believed to have been designed by John Pinches.


The Rajyaratna/Data Medal was instituted by Maharaja Sayairao III in 1922 and may also be known as the Jewel of the State. The Medal is awarded in 3 classes in recognition of philanthropic work. Military services may also be eligible for the award.

The Rajyaratna/Data Medal may be awarded in two divisions, with Rajyaratna Medals featuring a design of swords superimposed on the ribbon clasp to designate awards made in recognition of military service, and Data Medals designating philanthropic service. However, due to a lack of evidence, additional research is necessary to confirm the existence of multiple divisions of the award.

The III Class Danaphya, which translates to "Charitable", is composed of Bronze.

There are 2 versions of the III Class Danaphya (Charitable) Medal which vary by design according to the ruling Maharaja at the time of issue. The first version features an effigy of Sayaji Rao and is inscribed "SHRI SAYAJI RAO MAHARAJI GAYEKWAD" in Sanskrit on the obverse and "HARE HARE MAHADEVA," ("Hail to Lord Shiva") "JIN GHAR JIN TAKHT" ("Saddle is Home, Saddle is Throne"). The first version is also believed to feature the inscription "SATYAMEVA JAYATE" ("Truth Shall Triumph") on the suspension.

The second version features the effigy of Pratap Singh Rao and is believed to also feature Sanskrit inscriptions. However, the inscription of the later version is uncertain. It is uncertain of the second version (with Pratap Singh Rao effigy) was minted in Bronze, as no evidence has been found to support its existence. Additional research is necessary.

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