Public Service Medal, IV Class (without swords)


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The Public Service Medal was originally instituted by was first instituted by Maharaja Ganga Singh. The Medal was awarded in 3 Classes in recognition of Public Service. A fourth Class is believed to also have been introduced by Maharaja Sadul Singh after 1942. The Medal was made obsolete by 1947.

The IV Class is thought to reward bravery and police service.

There are 2 versions of Maharaja Sadul Singh's Public Service Medal which are distinguished by design according to the service recognized by the award. The first version features a design of swords and is awarded in recognition of acts of bravery while the second version does not incorporate a design of swords and is awarded in recognition of other services. The Maharaja Ganga Singh Public Service was not awarded in a IV Class.

There is very limited information regarding the IV Class Medal, and no examples of either version of the IV Class have been seen.


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