Order of Krishna, Collar


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$8,100 USD

  • Order of Krishna, Collar
  • Order of Krishna, Collar
  • Order of Krishna, Collar
  • Order of Krishna, Collar

Estimated market value:

$8,100 USD


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  • Makers
  • Composition
    Silver Gilt/Diamonds/Enamelled
  • Size
    640mm [chain]; 70x58mm [badge]

Physical Description and Item Details

India, State of Patiala. An Order of Krishna Collar Chain, by Spink, c.1936

(Yaduvansh Manya Mandal). This order was manufactured by Spink and Son of London circa 1936. The chain in silver gilt and housing the four alternating icons of Krishna, consisting of four 19.5 mm Conchs in silver gilt with orange enamels, four 18 mm x 18.2 mm Quoits in silver gilt with blue enamels, four 19.5 mm x 19.5 mm lotus flowers in silver and four 14.8 mm x 15.5 mm crossed maces in silver gilt, each of the icons with four loops attached, two on either side, each joined together by multiple links. The front of the chain has a 19 mm x 30.3 mm three-tier crown of Patiala suspension for the missing badge in silver gilt with red, blue, green and white enamels, jeweller marked on its reverse, while the two ends of the chain where they meet behind the wearer's neck houses a 16.3 mm x 19.2 mm catch with slide release, engraved with a lotus flower on its obverse. The chain measures approximately 640 mm in length, with one tiny chip in the white enamels on the crown suspension, extremely fine. In its hardshelled case of issue, raised platform with recessed medal beds for the Collar Chain, Badge and Breast Star, the latter two having been lost to time, dual slide release on the front, dual hinged on the back, small wear spots on the exterior lid butting the hinged area, case also extremely fine.


This Order was instituted by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh. It was conferred upon Hindus and other dignitaries; however, this religious distinction was not supported by the Statues of the Order, although it is likely that it was practiced to a certain extent.

This Order could be awarded to a total of 5 recipients at one time.

The obverse Sanskrit inscription translates to "The Bestower of Happiness on His People". It also features an inscription in Devanagari, which translates to "King of the West".


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