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An Indian State of Patiala Royal Family Order (Nishan-i-Phul) Collar Chain with Badge and Breast Star, Cased, Attributed to Maharaja Sir Bhupendra Singh, GCSI, GCIE, GCVO, GBE. Of the highest possible quality and craftsmanship. With an absolute attention to detail and care, the collar set of Maharaja Sir Bhupendra Singh stands alone as a example of genuine superiority. Each individual component is meticulously made in 22 Kt yellow Gold, the twelve flowers with red, white and blue enamels added, unmarked, tested, weighing 488 grams, the chain composed of a 38.5 mm x 39 mm Gold Royal crown, designed with a swivelling suspension ring for the Badge, the chain with alternating icons consisting of ten 30 mm diameter Gold circular Quoits, each of which encompasses a dagger and twelve 29.5 mm x 39.5 mm Gold with red, white and blue enamelled flowers, each of the twenty-two aforementioned icons framed by 27 mm x 35.3 mm Gold crossed Kirpans framing a star and an upward-pointing crescent moon, the two crossed Kirpans flanking the enamelled flowers furthest from the Royal crown on either side are slightly larger at 29 mm x 43 mm, as they incorporate a trident, as well as the star and an upward-pointing crescent moon, the Kirpans totalling twenty-three in number, one of which sits directly behind the neck and is flanked by flowers on either side, each of the icons with four loops attached, two on either side, each joined together by either one or two elongated Gold links, the chain measuring approximately 1,700 mm in length, the enamels intact on all twelve flowers, with one Gold link missing on the left side of the flower where it connects to the right side of the crossed Kirpans with trident and upward-pointing crescent moon icon, to the left of the Royal crown


This Order was instituted by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh. It was conferred upon male members of the Phulkian Family.

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