Order of the Propitious Star of Punjab, I Class Badge


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This Order may have been conferred in commemoration of the marriage of Nau Nihal Singh, Ranjit Singh's grandson; however, this is inconclusive. Several sources have attributed it to being founded in 1837.

One source, Fauja Singh Bajwa, refers to this decoration in being in three classes denoted by the precious stones involved. I Class had diamonds, while the II Class had diamonds and emeralds, and the III Class, just emeralds. All three classes feature an image of the Ranjit Singh on the obverse and his name on the reverse. However, numerous examples have been seen in differing designs. For example, one had a flower design on the reverse.

According to Fauja Singh Bajwa, the rules regarding the awarding of this decoration were created by Captain C.M Wade, Politcial Agent, Ludhiana and amended by Sir Henry Fane.

The I Class was to be awarded to the royal family, foreign princes and distinguished chiefs who were allies of Ranjit Singh.

The II Class was to be wawarded for courtiers, sardars, governors of provinces, general officers and envoys. This class carried the title of Sardar.

The III Class ws awarded to officers of the rank of Captain to Colonel and deserving civil funcitonaries. The military class was separate from the civil class in the recorded degree of merit. An officer who distinguished himself in one action would recieve the star; the second or third actions whould be recognized by clasps from which the star would be suspended. Each clasp bearing the name of the action. A fourth action would result in a gold cross to be worn above the cross. However, it is completely unknown how these clasps would be worn. This class carried the title of Bahadur.

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