Order of Berthold I, Grand Cross


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    Obv: FWL
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    69x105mm; 31.5x27 (crown)
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    36.6 grams The crown is attached to the cross by an arabesque. There are significant variations of the design of the arabesque, as well as the medallion.

Physical Description and Item Details

172 were awarded, 65 of these before 1896.


This Order was instituted by Grand Duke Friedrich I of Baden in a single grade and it was originally conferred as part of the Order of the Zähringer Lion.

The Order became independent of the Order of the Zähringer Lion on September 9, 1896, when it was expanded into four classes.

The Order could be conferred upon any individual for loyal service, as well as in recognition of benevolence.

The awards were conferred within two divisions, the Civil Division and the Military Division.

The Civil Division awards featured a surmounting crown, and the Military Division awards featured a surmounting crown and crossed swords.

In the case of the Breast Star, the Civil Division Breast Stars do not feature a crown or swords, while the Military Division Breast Stars do feature crossed swords.

The royal monogram of Grand Duke Friedrich I of Baden is featured on the obverse medallion.

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