20th Anniversary of the Armed Forces of the USSR Medal, Type I, in Silver (Variation II)


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  • 20th Anniversary of the Armed Forces of the USSR Medal (Variation II) Obverse

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    Obv: XX Rev: 1918-1938
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This medal was conferred upon distinguished veterans of the Russian Civil War and to those who had served 20 years in the Army or Navy by February 23, 1938, which was Red Army Day. It was also awarded to those who were awarded the Order of the Red Banner. This medal was awarded 37,000 times.

The medal is composed of silver, gold-plating and enamel. The obverse shows a large red enamel star with the Roman numerals XX at the bottom. The reverse presents a man in a Civil War Uniform with a rifle and the dates 1918-1938.

Type I had an early suspension which is rectangular in shape, and a red ribbon is worn through the slot. The ribbon was held on the reverse by a suspension plate with four cut out prongs. A copper screwplate was soldered onto the center of the reverse. An 18mm screwback plate with a Mondvor mint mark was used. Serial numbers range from roughly 7,000 to 35,000.


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