Medal for Bravery, Type I, Medal (Variation III)


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    Monetny Dvor, Lenningrad
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    Obv: За храбрость CCCP
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The Medal for Bravery was established on October 17, 1938. This medal was created as an award for courage in the defence of the Socialist Homeland. It was conferred upon members of the Army, Navy, Border Guard, Internal Troops, and other USSR citizens. It was also awarded to foreigners. According to the statutes, the Medal for Bravery was awarded for personal courage and acts of bravery displayed in combat with enemies; in defense of the state boundary of the USSR; the performance of military duty in conditions involving risk of life.

Prior to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, there were approximately 26,000 awarded for the battles of Lake Khasan (1938), Halhingol (1939), and the Winter Wat with Finland (1940-41). During the war, nearly 4,000,000 were awarded. By 1981, a total of 4.5 million had been awarded.

The Medal for Bravery has two types. it is made of silver with red enamel. The obverse presents the words "For Bravery" below three planes and above a Soviet heavy tank. The Type I, early suspension (1938-1943) is made from two pieces being the silver ring soldered to the ring at 12 o'clock. It is worn on an early rectangular suspension, with a small nut screwed onto the screwpost reverse. This type has three variations.

Variation I has a copper screwpost on the reverse of the suspension, with an 18mm screwback plate marked Mondvor. It also has a Latin "No" written before the serial number, both of which are hand engraved. Serial numbers range from roughly 4000 - 270,000.

Variation II has a larger screwpost composed of silver-plated brass. It also employs the Latin "No" and the serial number are hand-engraved. Serial numbers range from roughly 280,000 to 31,500.

Variation III has a stamped serial number at the bottom of the reverse (there is no Latin "No.") The serial numbers range from 540,000 to 425,000.

The obverse Russian inscription translates to: "For Bravery". The obverse also features the Cyrillic script for the USSR.


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