Order of Lenin, Type IV (Variation I)


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  • Order of Lenin Gold Medal (Variation I) Obverse
  • Order of Lenin Gold Medal (Variation I) Obverse

Estimated market value:

$2500 USD


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    Monetny Dvor, Lenningrad
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    Obv: Ленин
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Physical Description and Item Details

Order of Lenin. Type 4. 22K GOLD and Platinum. Type 4. ”Round” variation, with dimple on reverse andlegend ”monetny dvor”. Original double-sided suspension and ribbon.


This was the highest award of the USSR, and was established on April 6, 1930. It is was conferred for exceptional achievements in revolutionary efforts, labour activities, defence of the homeland, establishing friendship and cooperation, fostering peace, and other outstanding activities completed for the Soviet government.

This Order can be conferred upon individual citizens, institutions, establishments, unions, military units, ships, federal republics, oblasts and okrugs,(administrative divisions), and different population centres (towns, cities, regions). Foreign institutions, individuals, and establishments may also be awarded the Order of Lenin.

Prior to the beginning of the Second World War, the Order of Lenin was awarded approximately 7,000 times. During the war, approximately 41,000 were awarded. For a Partisan Commander to earn an Order of Lenin during the war, he had to perform one of the following tasks; destroy a large railroad center; demolish a railroad station; capture at least 10 railroad trains; liberate at least 5,000 men from a POW camp; destroy 10 railroad trains with military equipment; capture an enemy supply point; capture at least 500 horses belonging to the German Fascist Army; destroy 10 enemy tanks; capture 1,000 rifles or 150 machine guns or 20 heavy mortars. However, in the second half of the war they were awarded for lesser achievements as well. From June 4, 1944 until September 14, 1957, the Order of Lenin was awarded for 25 years of service, and starting in the 1950s, it could be awarded for long service in civilian careers as well.

In total, there were over 460,000 Orders of Lenin awarded prior to the break up of the USSR. There are six types of the Order of Lenin, which differ in either design, composition, size or the method/stye of wear.

Type IV, the "Platinum Head" Lenin was awarded from June 11, 1936 to June 19, 1943. The profile of Lenin was constructed from a separate piece of platinum and was attached to the main gold piece by three rivets. The background of the portrait presents a blue-gray enamel. The gold composition was altered from 650/1000 to 950/1000 parts gold. There are two variations of Type IV.

Variation I has a curved and raised Mondvor mint mark, and the serial numbers range from 2, 617 to 8,355.

Variation II of Type IV has a raised and longer mint mark and their serial numbers range from 6,704 to 19,210. There are also versions with lower serial numbers in both versions, which were replacement pieces for Type I medals.

The obverse Russian inscription translates to: "Lenin."


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