Order of Suvorov, Type II, I Class (Variation II)


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  • Order of Suvorov, Type II, I Class Medal (in gold/silver)
  • Order of Suvorov, Type II, I Class Medal (in gold/silver) Reverse

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  • Country
  • Makers
    Montey Dvor, Lenningrad
  • Composition
  • Inscription
    Obv: Александр Суворов
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  • Version Remarks
    The hole on the reverse measures 26mm in diameter. This example was estimated by D. Markov/ The New York Sale for $100,000 in January 2017.
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    This image is attributed to Dmitry Markov, The New York Sale, Auction XLI, Lot 2598, on January 12, 2017.

Physical Description and Item Details

Order of Suvorov 1st Class. Type 2. Award #438. Gold and Platinum. Type 2,screwback. Original silver nut. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity from P.McDaniel, extremely high 9.5 out of 10 condition rating. Plate item – this award isillustrated in the world-famous reference book on Soviet awards ‘ComprehensiveGuide to Soviet Orders and Medals’, by P. McDaniel and P. Schmidt. Rare. Absolutely mint condition with flawless enamels.


This Order was established on July 29, 1942 by a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. It was named after the military leader Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov (1730-1800), who never lost a battle. The name was used to rally Russian soldiers during the Second World War, when it was going badly for the Russian forces.

The I Class medal was conferred upon army commanders, and their associated deputies, chiefs of staff, operational managers, and different branch chiefs. It was conferred in recognition of excellently coordinated front or army level operations that destroyed a superior force, an encirclement that resulted in the destruction of an enemy force, for displaying decisiveness and initiative in planning to strike against an enemy, and for executing a successful deception operation. All Order of Suvorov decorations have hand-engraved serial numbers at the 5 o'clock position on the reverse.

Type II, I Class is manufactured the same way as Type I, however it does not have the ring attached to he top of the platinum star and the reverse hole in the center has 'spokes' of platinum at the 12, 4 and 8 o'clock positions. The silver screwpost is soldered to the platinum star in the center of the hole. The Monetny Dvor mark is stamped in two lines below the rivet which secures the red enamel star to the platinum star base. There are two variations.

Variation I has a large hole on the reverse that measures 26.25mm in diameter and the surface of the platinum is smooth. The lowest serial number observed is 118 and the highest is 236.

Variation II has a smaller hold on the reverse which measures 24mm in diameter and the surface of the platinum is frosted. The lowest serial number observed is 438 and the highest 534.

Although a total of 393 Orders of Suvorov, I Class were awarded, they are still extremely rare. Until February 15, 1977, orders were to be returned to the state when the recipient died, therefore there are very few in circulation.

The obverse Russian inscription translates to: "Alexander Suvorov".


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