Order of the Badge of Honour, Type I (Variation II)


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  • Inscription
    Obv: Пролетарии всех стран , соединяйтесь ! СССР Знак Почета
  • Size
    28 x 39mm
  • Version Remarks
    The serial numbers range from 143 to 1,277.


This Order of the Badge of Honor was established on November 25, 1935, however the statutes were established in March 28, 1980. The reason for this is unknown. This Order was conferred in recognition of extraordinary accomplishments in the fields of scientific research, production, governmental, cultural, athletic and other pursuits, and for showing civilian courage. It was awarded to citizens of the USSR, enterprises, establishments, organizations, regions, cities, and other populations. It could also be awarded to foreigners, foreign establishments, and foreign organizations.

On December 28, 1988, the Order of the Badge of Honor was replaced by the newly established Order of Honor. The only difference between the two orders is that the Russian words Znak Pocheta at the bottom of the Order of the Badge of Honor were replaced by a hammer and sickle and leaves on the Order of the Honor.

Prior to the Second World War, 14,500 of these orders were awarded. During the war, 66,000 were given during the war and over 1,500,000 were awarded by 1988. The Badge of Honour has four Types.

Type I, screwback, 1935-1936, was awarded from November 25, 1935 until June 11, 1936. The order consists of seven pieces, composed of silver, gold-plating and red enamel. it is oval in shape and measures 39mm x 28mm. The reverse is manufactured from a separate flat piece and has a screwpost without a base in the center. It has two variations.

Variation I has small serial numbers that are hand engraved (but appear stamped). The serial numbers range from roughly 1-100.

Variation II has larger numbers that are hand engraved. The serial numbers range from roughly 100 - 1,300.

The obverse Russian inscription translates to: "Workers of the World, Unite!" and "Badge of Honour". The obverse also features the Russian letters for the USSR.


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