Order of the Patriotic War, Type II, II Class (Starback Reverse)


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    Montey Dvor, Lenningrad
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    Obv: Отечественная война
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The Order of the Patriotic War was the first Soviet award established during the Second World War, on May 20, 1942. Originally it was intended to be awarded to servicemen, civilians, foreigners, units and institutions for actions against German invaders, however on December 16, 1947, it was changed and no longer included civilians, units and institutions. On July 18, 1980, foreigners were also dropped from the statutes.

This Order was conferred upon enlisted and officer ranks of the Army, Navy, NKVD Troops, and Partisan Detachments in recognition bravery and courage during the Great Patriotic War. This Order was awarded for many acts of bravery such as attacking enemy positions, destroying enemy vehicles, showing initiative, saving life and other such acts of courage. By the end of the war, there were 324,903 I Class decorations awarded, and by the end of 1991 a total of 2,398,322, including the 1985 issues.

Type II, II Class was produced from June 19, 1943 until 1991, and was the most common of the Order of the Patriotic War pieces. Although Type II was awarded until 1991, it was only conferred for actions performed during the Second World War. The II Class is struck from one silver piece, the gold hammer and sickle is attached to the body by two rivets. Most have the Monetny Dvor mark below the screwpost and the serial number below that. There lowest serial number observed for all variants is 33,724 and the highest is 964,985. There are several variations often organized by the type of reverse.

Starback Reverse: this variation has a starback like reverse and is often associated with 5 to low 6 digit serial numbers, however they have also been witnessed with 700,000 numbers.

Concave Reverse: the variation has a very concave reverse which measures approximately 5mm in depth. The serial numbers range from 100,000 to 650,000.

Flatback Reverse: the variation has a flat reverse which is plain. The serial numbers range from 100,000 to 925,000.

Ring Reverse: the variation has a slight circular depression 20mm in diameter. The lowest observed serial number is 935,395 while the highest is 964,985.

"Smaller Version": this variation is very similar in construction to the concave reverse, but the points of the red enamelled star and the rayed star are thinner in width. The overall measures 44.5mm, however it appears smaller because of the thinner rays. Approximately 35,000 were produced, the lowest serial number being 583,155 and the highest, 616,199.

"Trench" Reverse: this variation has a circular trench like depression measuring 4mm wide and 6mm from the screwpost. The serial numbers range from 100,000 to 300,000.

The obverse Russian inscription translates to: "Patriotic War".


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