Order of the Red Banner of the RSFSR, Type II (in silver)


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$20,000 USD

  • Order of the Red Banner of the RSFSR, Type II (in silver)
  • Order of the Red Banner of the RSFSR, Type II (in silver) Reverse

Estimated market value:

$20,000 USD


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    Monetny Dvor, Lenningrad
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    Obv: Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь !
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    This example was sold by D. Markov/The New York Sale for $26,400 in January 2013.

Physical Description and Item Details

Order of the Red Banner of RSFSR. Type 2, ‘DUPLICATE’. Award # 13057. Screwback. Type with ‘ìîíåòíûéäâîð’ mintmark on reverse. Original silver screwback nut. Official duplicate for Red Banner of RSFSR Type 1, manufactured in 1940-1943 (less than 200 pieces were made in total of this variation). C/C 01.07.04 (R3). Extremely Rare. Great eye appeal, very desirable.


This is the oldest Order of the Soviet Union. Existing first as an Order of the Russian Federation (established on September 16, 1918), it was converted into an Order of the USSR on August 1, 1924. The statute was not established until January 11, 1932. It was discontinued in 1991.

It was conferred for self-sacrifice, courage, and bravery in defending Russia. It was awarded to Army, Navy, Border Guard, and Internal Security personnel, as well as KGB employees and military ships. It may also be bestowed upon foreigners. The first award was conferred upon Civil War hero V.K Blukher on September 30, 1918. By 1933, the order had been awarded 16,762 times.

Type II is a reissue, which was an Order or medal that was bestowed as a replacement piece, exchanged for the same order or medal of an earlier type. The serial numbers are hand-engraved, with the same dimensions as the Type I award. The reissue does not have a mirror image on the reverse.

The obverse Russian inscription translates to: "Proletarians of the World, Unite!"


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