Hannover is the capital and largest city of the German state of Lower Saxony. It has a population of 515,140 and it is the third-largest city of Northern Germany after Hamburg and Bremen.

Hannover had different federnations over time. From 1636–1692 was Hannover the capital of the Principality of Calenberg. After 1692 till 1814, was it part of the Electorate of Brunswick-Lüneburg. Afterwards was Hannover over 50 years a Kingdom. In 1868, was it the Province of Hanover of the Kingdom of Prussia and thereupon the Province of Hanover of the Free State of Prussia.
In the Third Reich a lot of divisions and military administrations had their seat in Hanover. During the WWII , Hanover was a major traffic hub and location of important war operations. Therefore was it a target of more than one hundred Allied air raids.
After the War, Hanover was in the British zone of occupation of Germany. In 1946, it became a part of the new state of Lower Saxony.

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