The Republic of Malta is a Southern European island country in the Mediterranean Sea. It is over 122 square miles with a population of about 475,000. Its capital is Valletta and the official languages are Maltese and English. Italian is also spoken by most of the population.

Malta became a British colony in 1815 and the headquarters for the British Mediterranean Fleet. During World War II it had an an important role in the Allied war effort. Malta was awarded with the George Cross for its bravery in the face of an Axis siege. Therefore the George Cross is on Malta's national flag. In 1964 the British Parliament passed the Independence Act. The country became a republic in 1974.

The National Order of Merit is the highest honour awarded by the Government of Malta. It is conferred upon Maltese citizens in recognition of achievements in his or her field of work. The Order may also be conferred upon foreigners who have promoted and fostered international relations with Malta or earned the respect and admiration of the nation.


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